Tuesday, March 5, 2013


If you live close to family, you really don't know how lucky you are. It's nice to have distance at times, but it's definitely more fun to have the people you love just a short drive away. We sure do miss Sunday dinners, game nights and trips to the cabin with our families. What's really going on in our separate lives can't be fully communicated via phone or  FaceTime. It's close, but not enough. And sadly, Wisconsin is not a prime vacation spot for the majority of people (believe me, I understand why as there is a blizzard outside right now.) Therefore, we don't have many visitors, so when we do have some, we are VERY excited.

And that's how we felt when my parents came a couple weekends ago! We had so much fun eating yummy food and showing dad around Milwaukee (mom had been here before). First stop was The Comet Cafe. Although it won an award for "The Best Hangover Breakfast", we went for dinner. This cafe has a lot of vegan dishes so Steve was able to try some tofu for the first time. Dad continues to believe said food will always taste like cardboard, but anyone who goes to Comet will know that's not true. The cafe was also on Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's and Dives for their bacon wrapped meatloaf which lived up to the praise.

Saturday we had breakfast at Cafe Hollander in Tosa Village. I'm pretty sure the people around us thought we were crazy because after we ate 1/4 of our dish, we passed it to the left. How else do you get to try all the deliciousness. Is that weird? Does anyone else do that when they eat at a new place?

Next we went on a tour of Sprecher Brewery. Brew tours are common in Milwaukee, but we picked Sprechers because they have options other than beer, mainly soda! So many different flavors and we got to try them all. Hearing about the brew-making process was interesting too.

Sprecher ships to anywhere in the USA so if you want to try grape or orange flavors, check out their website. They also have this AMAZING root beer popcorn. I don't even like popcorn and I ate it. 

We also ate at my favorite spot, Il Mito. There is a love affair with my food every. single. time. I adore this place (clearly, because I forgot to take pictures!). 

So if you live in Milwaukee, or plan to visit, check out these eateries and the brewery. Let me know what you think. (If you need someone to go with you, I'll volunteer!)

Thank you parents for coming to see us. The trip was short, but much needed for me. We love you!

(And those of you who live close to family, stop by and give them a hug. I wish I could do that more.)


  1. cool pics. seems, you have a great family!

  2. Looks so fun! I met a lady today from Boulder City who lives just up the street from your grandpa (he has a house in Boulder, right?). It's always a treat to hear from the Goodfellows/Shumperts!

  3. Hey lady, I just nominated you for a Liebster award! Pass it on if you want:) http://wisconsincarolina.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award.html