Monday, March 25, 2013

Work and Play

My guess is that most people have a goal to like their job, no matter how much money they make or how hard it is. As a kid, my grandpa would always say that if you were going to spend the majority of your waking hours working, you better dang well enjoy it. I've really taken that to heart. Luckily, I've been blessed with really fun jobs working with great people . My current job is no exception. There is always a time for work, but every once in a while you gotta take time for some fun.

The other week I went on a tour with some new students to "follow the life of a trauma patient". We saw everything from start (ambulance or Flight for Life) to finish (billing). It really helped me understand everything that goes into a trauma situation. We were given a case (a past one, not a current one) and as we walked through the hospital we discussed what happened to the patient at each point. I've been to the operating room, ICU and trauma bay a couple times at work, but never with the perspective of a patient's near death experience. It was very insightful!

Obviously the best part was sitting in the Flight for Life helicopter. (Made my dad proud)

Steve also is loving his "job" as a med student. He loves Saturdays shadowing his favorite anesthesiologist (she lets him intubate and start IVs). He also has some fun after school workshops where he practices suturing, phlebotomy, joint injections and cast placement.

All of that makes up for his long weeks studying. I love hearing him explain everything when he comes home (although I don't understand half the time).

I hope all of you can find a way to enjoy your jobs, whether it be a full-time job, a mother, a student, or whatever. Because life is too short to be hating hours of your day. 

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