Saturday, September 29, 2012

Craft Time

This morning I met up with my friends Janey, Jen and Sarah for a little craft time. We made WREATHS! Every one was totally different, but it was fun to spend girl-time chatting while making something to beautify our tiny apartments.

I made this super easy Pinup Wreath. Just an embroidery hoop, mini clothespins and some hot glue. Figured I could switch out the ribbon and cards depending on the holiday or season. Here's how it turned out, all hung up on our front door...

I've saved every invitation to the Gardner Halloween Party and decided they would look perfect pinned up like this. (check out the link if you want some costume ideas for Halloween this year!)

Since my "wreath" was so easy to make, I also worked on a darling banner. My oh' so wonderful mother sent me a kit, and I just put it together with a little glue and finishing touches.

I'm pretty proud of myself for punching the eyelets with nothing but Steve's screwdriver and hammer! (not quite as simple as eyelet punch tool but it worked!)

It's nice to have festive decorations up. They make our apartment more like home.

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