Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello there Milwaukee

Between orientation classes for Steve and unpacking for me, we found some time to explore our new city.

Built in 1898
Steve and I actually came here when we visited last April, but couldn't pass up another opportunity check out the amazing architectural detail and browse some books.

This door actually curves with the wall!
Lynn and Nanci      

Located in downtown Milwaukee, a short walk from the library. Some of our neighbors and ward members attend the dental school here. 

Nanci saw these from the freeway, so we went to check them out. You will find me in the desert dome, in the winter, when its snowing and I feel homesick.

Soup Bros.
Found this place on my urbanspoon app. Best. Soup. Ever. If you visit, we will take you.

A popular area for shopping and dining. It's "Milwaukee's Art and Fashion District". My kind of place. Plus a walk by the water isn't so bad.
A Pedal Tavern. Yes. They have these.

Milwaukee Public Market
This place is in the third ward, but it's an experience in and of itself. It's a shopping place for all types of food and sweets, but also sells souvenirs, flowers, and random things. Albeit, the seafood wasn't the best we've ever had, it was fun to try.

Giant crab over the seafood stand

Tosa Farmer's Market
We are the luckiest because this place is just a short walk from our apartment, happens every Saturday and they sell FLOWERS!!!

Eating my breakfast of cornbread with orange butter (and making Steve hold my flowers).

I'm liking this place already.

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