Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baseballs and Bears

The lovely Medical College of Wisconsin was nice enough to give us discount tickets to 2 of Milwaukee's most popular events, a Brewer's game and the Zoo!

The Game: Like any game, we parked a million miles away. But those in the parking lot love their tailgate parties, I tell ya. They ALL have little BBQ's and these bean bag toss games and loads of team spirit. Go Brewers! After the game, there are huge dumpsters just for hot coals. These people are serious. And FYI, that stadium roof closes when it rains or snows. Sweet huh?

The Zoo: I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE the zoo. That excitement I felt as a child has never gone away. I couldn't believe how many animals there were and how active in the middle of the day! We especially loved the monkeys. They were jumping around, twirling, riding on mommas' backs, and making faces. I think we spent 30 minutes at that exhibit alone, just laughing.

I wanted to match the zebras.

No doubt we'll visit a few more times. And Steve can feel a little closer to Africa.

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