Monday, August 13, 2012

Road Trip

Friday, August 3rd (early morning) - Saturday, August 4th (late evening), 2012

Off we go on the longest road trip of my life (I say my life because I am hoping I'll never have to do it again). Steve's parents, Lynn and Nanci were generous enough to accompany us all the way, from Provo, UT to Wauwatosa, WI.

1,452 miles. It took 2 days. We stayed the night half way in Lincoln, Nebraska. I-80 isn't the most exciting road in the country. These pictures pretty much sum up the whole drive.

About to leave
There are windmills... lots and lots of windmills
I missed the 'Welcome to Iowa' sign. Oh' well.

Just many many miles of rolling fields of grain, spotted with a few cows and farm homes. In all honesty though, it was beautiful. Something very different than the landscape I've been use to. We listened to some books on CD and ate plenty of snacks to pass the time (thank you Ciera and Ryan for the marvelous cookies). And despite some rain, we made it to our new apartment with no major hick-ups.

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