Monday, August 20, 2012


In my free time (which has been plenty lately) I've been watching a couple flicks... documentaries to be precise. The first was Food Inc. 
It's about the U.S. corporate controlled food industry. I watched it the first time back at BYU in a random Anthropology class I took my last semester. I've never been blind to the fact the high fructose corn syrup is in everything or that grass fed beef tastes different than the stuff you find at the store, but this documentary really put things into perspective. It answers some pretty interesting questions, too. Steve and I made a specific point after watching this to shop the farmers market and look for the best food we can in the grocery store. We all eat... so I totally recommend Food, Inc.

The next one was Waiting for Superman.
A must see for all because the education system affects everyone. It's interesting how the academic system causes more hurt than help and no parent or child has control over the situation. This film actually made me a little upset an reminded me of my high school Spanish teacher. They fired this newer teacher that was fantastic and kept another teacher on tenure who didn't teach. It's amazing that adult pettiness keeps children from learning. (Disclaimer: I don't believe all teachers are awful, because I had plenty of amazing teachers)

I feel like my mind has been a little more enlightened thanks to Netflix and the people who produced these films. Let me know if you watch these. I'd love to hear your insights!

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  1. I agree with these activities. glad you are getting even smarter than you already are ;)