Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to #310

Steve and I live in a little apartment within walking distance to the medical college. It's kinda strange having to buzz people up to the 3rd floor when they visit or to walk out the door to a hallway like a hotel room, but we really like it! We never hear our neighbors and never really see them either. Plus we feel like high rollers with a skylight and dishwasher (a step up from our Orem house haha). I always imagined myself living in a loft apartment during my mid-20's too, so now I'm living the dream! Here's the grand tour...

Living Room
Grateful for our crate for extra storage!

Our bar chairs are a little short but oh well.

Where all my domestic skills transpire.

Where Steve's studies.

The view from above. And a look at our porch.
Not too bad eh'? I think it could use a few more wall decorations, but those will come over time. For now we're feeling right at home


  1. tibb, i love it. i love reading about your life on the blog. sounds like you guys are doing great! miss you!!!

  2. It's adorable! I'm so glad you get to live out your loft dream!