Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lake Powell Tradition

Every year I look forward to my favorite family tradition... Lake Powell! I can't even express how excited I get. I love everything about it. (Remember my post from last year?) And although we missed Blake, we had a great time. Everything from wakeboarding to hiking, paddle boarding to floating, ice cream at Dangling Rope Marina to snacks on the houseboat. We love every bit of it.

Steve and Olivia like to dance on the tube

Tyler made a Lake Powell Trivia Game. Sadly, Steve and I did not win. Alli & Dad killed it.

Steve's our family wakeboard champion.

This is a Tinaja we found. Basically a big rock hole filled with water.

Olivia turned 12 on Lake Powell! We celebrated with games and dancing. Olivia taught Alli and I the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown (Steve joined in too actually but didn't want photo evidence on the world wide web). We also celebrated by listening to Taylor Swift, playing Minute to Win It games and eating a rice krispie treat cake. Happy Birthday Liv!

"...lean it left, clap three times..."

Get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth

The whole fam (minus Blake), all smiles, in our favorite place

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