Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

2 years for this couple! Holla!! We decided to continue the tradition of camping to celebrate. With Nauvoo, Illinois only 4.5 hours away, we decided it'd be the perfect place. What makes it better is the Nauvoo Pageant opened that weekend. Win win. 

We start with the campground. The Nauvoo State Park had non-electric spots for $10/night with showers! Plus it was within walking distance of the temple and Old Nauvoo sites. 

The Nauvoo Temple was absolutely beautiful. Knowing the history made it that much better. Inside the temple there was the most amazing feeling. I felt the love of the pioneers and their love for their temple. Families really can live together forever. 

After our temple session, we spent the rest of the day touring all of the sites of Historic Nauvoo. The many missionaries shared stories of life in the once, very popular city. Did you know at it's prime, Nauvoo was nearly the size of Chicago? We learned how people in the 1840's survived; everything from baking bread to building brick homes and wagons. We heard stories of the prophet Joseph Smith preaching the gospel and families losing their children to sickness. We learned about the construction of the temple and the mobs that drove people from their homes. There is so much history in this town! 
Candlemaking: This is a courting candle. The more candle to burn when the gentleman arrived, the longer he got to spend with the family's daughter.
Gun making: John Browning began his business in Nauvoo. Here is one of his first designs

Lyon Drug Store: Doctors made their own medications from herbs. Steve was inspired.

That night we watched the Nauvoo Pageant. What a fantastic show depicting life in Nauvoo, the hardships and the joys, the building of the Nauvoo temple and Joseph Smith. All the actors are volunteers.

We were able to walk the Trail of Hope, the same walk the pioneers took as they were forced west. It was emotional reading and thinking about those people, walking in the February winter toward the Mississippi river. They left their new homes behind (some only having lived there a few months). They left family members, family heirlooms and a city they loved. Those pioneers were so strong and incredibly faithful. They trusted God in everything.

This is a replica of the "boat" pioneers took to cross the Mississippi
If you haven't been to Nauvoo, we highly recommend it. You will leave feeling a deep appreciation for Mormon pioneers. They knew the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They lived it, they believed it. Oh' to be as faithful. I've got a lot of work to do.

Mississippi River

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