Monday, January 28, 2013

Dancing Doctor

My job definitely has it's perks. Saturday night I got to attend the Spotlight on Life Gala for the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin. It was another fancy event, one necessary of shaved legs and lipstick. And the best part of all was we were there as Dr. Weigelt's cheerleaders!

If you didn't read my post about the Trauma Christmas Party [here], you need to know that Dr. Weigelt is the Chief of Trauma Surgery and not necessarily a spring chicken, but a definite child at heart. I love this guy. Despite his busy schedule, he volunteered to compete in the Spotlight on Life dance competition. This isn't any ol' dance thing. He's been going to classes for weeks now, doing swing with a professional partner. It's a big deal.

So the TB's (that stands for Trauma Babes or Trauma B*$#%'s depending on who you ask) decided that the man deserved nothing less than a very awesome support team, complete with signs and noise makers. (We definitely were the loudest).

And although Dr. Weigelt didn't win the overall dance competition, the Medical College of Wisconsin did receive the Spotlight on Life award for raising the most money.

*Notice our sign!

Our Chief is quite the dancer, no? Here's a clip, if you'd like to see him in action.

What a great event and an even better cause. I really would encourage all of you to register for organ donation. 

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  1. Katie it looks like you are having so much fun!!! Just so you know you are nominated for the liebester award on my blog today!!!