Tuesday, January 22, 2013


January 10th was the day I turned 25. A quarter of a century. Yup. Needless to say I am not very happy about this fact, however, I am very happy that all of my friends and family made my birthday so special. 

Steve and I had dinner at Lake Park Bistro to celebrate that night. We got all dressed up and went to the fanciest eatery I've ever been to. (Luckily we had a gift card from my Doctors to cover our bill!) The bistro had a darling French style and overlooked the lake (although it was rainy and dark so we had to use our imaginations). As for the menu, I didn't know where to begin, but finally decided on stuffed quail. Mmmmhmmm. It was delicious. Steve had the chicken and the best roasted vegetables ever.

 Needless to say, we felt a little out of our element, but we really enjoyed the gourmet flavors. My birthday "cake" was actually chocolate mousse with a saffron sauce and coconut sorbet. Amazing! Steve had banana caramel crepes, which was also very scrumptious.

The best part of the entire night was talking to my family as I opened up my gifts. The Goodfellow Birthday Tradition involves a tower of presents and I was lucky enough to have mine shipped to the apartment. The best gift of all actually hasn't come yet (darn you back-orders), but mom had wrapped a picture of a Casio digital piano! I was so overwhelmed I nearly cried! Earlier I'd expressed to her how sad I was to lose my talent since moving out. Now I can regain my skills! She even sent me my old books. I can't wait until the piano comes so I can practice with headphones while Steve listens to lectures.
Mom and Dad also had a braided money tree delivered. It's the only plant I can keep alive and I was devastated when we left it in Utah before the move. They know me so well.

I guess turning 25 isn't all that bad. Everyone was so sweet to send me cards and gifts. I felt like I had a whole birthday week! On Sunday we had a few friends over. We had an ice cream bar with tons of toppings. Steve also made a slideshow video (a little embarrassing, but sweet) and created a game to play with questions about me (also embarrassing, but sweet). He is such a great husband.

I'm so grateful to everyone for making my day/week/month so special. So far, this age is great. Yay for turning 25!

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  1. Oh man, that food looks and sounds so good!

    So glad you had an awesome birthday!