Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before and After- Test Week

Test Week is brutal.

It's actually 2 weeks because the week before is when you gotta start studying. And by studying, I mean study more than you already do. Imagine finals week in college. Remember the 4 hardest classes. Then multiply by 1,000. Take out any free time to eat, relax or talk. Raise your stress level to almost it's max. Now, there, you have the feeling of Test Week.

That's according to Steve.

Then there's Test Week for me. Imagine not speaking. Delivering dinner to school. Ever so quietly reading books in bed or watching movies on the laptop. Making a list of questions and items to be discussed, then waiting until Friday to ask them. Praying every moment of the day that he'll pass, knowing that if he doesn't, he'll be so upset with himself that the apartment will be even more quiet (if that's even possible).

But as Monday turned into Tuesday and so on, the news was,  I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed. And we survived. And we were so happy.

So we celebrated!
We spent all day together. Steve made breakfast for us. We went on a little hike. We cleaned the apartment (a Saturday tradition). We went out to Indian food at a wonderful place called Maharaja (thank you Groupon). Then came home, cuddled on the couch watching The Hunger Games and sipped hot chocolate that Steve made (which was quite delightful).

A giant mushroom!

We spotted some deer

A stick teepee in the forest

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day off and rejoice in high-passing scores. (P.S. Steve, I'm so proud of you)

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  1. Way to go Steve!!! You're kind of amazing, :) Ps Now I want Thai/Indian food, thanks!