Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adieu to you

August 2nd, 2012

Moving is a strange phenomenon. No word describes the feelings of anticipation, sadness, excitement, anxiety, hope...  all felt at the same time! We spent our last few days with customary goodbyes in an attempt to tame these emotions. No one saw my tears, but I'll admit the process was definitely more difficult than anticipated. Through all of this, I suddenly realized that I actually liked Provo! I liked the mountains with their changing leaves in the fall and beautiful hikes in the summer.  I liked my job at Goodfellow Corp., hanging with the guys, talking about hunting over Friday lunches. I liked Salon K and Bb classes (to this day, I can't believe all of us girls got along with no issues; can you even call it a salon when that happens?). I liked Tuesday Cubscout den meetings and Sunday dinners at the Shumpert's. I didn't want to leave any of it, and yet I did, enticed by the thrill of adventure.

Most of all though, I liked my friends. I still like them! Love them, in fact! The move awoke my memory to how I'd met each one and what experiences had brought us close. I didn't want to say goodbye to such incredible, talented, unique people whom I'd learned from and shared so much with.

But somehow I did.

Luckily, these goodbyes are not forever because I know we'll be coming back to Provo and modern technology is seriously amazing.

But, to all my friends, those pictured and those not, thank you. Thank you for being my friend and Steve's friend. Thanks for supporting us on this move. We will keep in touch. And, should you choose to visit, we have a futon waiting for you. We love you.

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