Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Soiree

The very much anticipated Trauma Surgery Department Christmas Dinner was quite the event! Ever since I started my job, the girls I work with had been talking about it (what dress to wear, what food will be served, how high of heels to have, etc.) Oh' this was a big deal, no doubt! I was definitely thinking I needed to step up my game, now that I'm rubbing shoulders with surgeons. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. So nervous in fact I had a freak out about what to wear and called a girl in our ward. I had only talked to Devenee like 2 times (The first was because she had this awesome fur vest on, which I offered to buy right there in sacrament meeting. Totally willing to break the Sabbath. I really need to work on coveting.) Anyways, I knew she would be able to help me. And she did! She let me borrow a beautiful dress and necklace which saved me some cash. Thank you Devenee.

So we arrive at the Blue Mound Country Club. What a place! There was this gorgeous tree, maybe 20-30 feet tall, all decorated. It was fantastic! During cocktails, the Chief of Surgery (and host of the party), Dr. Weigelt, had this table full of Beanie Babies. He told us earlier in the office that he'd picked a "character" for everyone. We had no idea what that meant, but sure enough, each animal had a description and we had to guess who everyone was. It was so fun reading and guessing! (I did horrible by the way, even though I was sober).

Next we sat down to an amazing dinner (Steve said his steak was the best he's ever had). During the meal Dr. Weigelt announced who won the character game and who everyone was. I was a little bear named Teddy because I am the youngest in the department. We ended the evening taking pictures (with our characters, of course).

The Trauma Surgery Department (those that came to the party at least)

I'm the assistant to these 4 guys
Some of the other girls I work with

I was so happy Steve came to calm my nerves and be my buffer ("Oh hi! Good to see you. This is my husband Steve! He's a M1." "Oh! Nice to meet you Steve. How are you liking your first year? Do you know what you want to be yet? You can come shadow me anytime....." All I had to do was smile and nod. Easy-peasy).

We are looking forward to next year for sure! I feel so blessed to be working in such a great job with such great people. I really love going to work everyday.


  1. I Love fancy events!!! So fun to have an excuse to "gussy" up once in a while. I am so glad you have such an awesome job with great people!!

  2. Wow! You looked great. I had no idea these events were that fancy, but you both fit right in!