Friday, November 23, 2012


We finally decided to take a day trip to Chicago! Being only 1.45 hours away, it's not that far, but we enjoyed the change of scenery. Our fist stop was the Chicago Temple. Such a beautiful place. The architecture reminded Steve of the Johanesburg, South Africa Temple where he served his mission. We were happy to be in the House of the Lord on the day that Steve's good friend, Ross married the amazing Ruthann. We couldn't make it to their actual wedding in Provo, but we had them in mind.

Luckily it warmed up a bit after the temple, and we went into the city. The Magnificent Mile lighting and parade were going on that day so downtown was a bit more crazy than we'd expected. Luckily we found a parking spot right by the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo (lucky is putting it mildly though... there was like a .1% chance we'd get one and we did!). Both of these places are free to visit and they were so much fun!
Steve loves the smell of Gardenias
Go Cougars!
Love me some Llamas (Mostly because I love The Emperor's New Groove)
Lincoln Park as a fantastic view of the Chicago Skyline.

Next we walked, and walked, and walked. All the way into downtown. We passed by some of the most glamorous condos and large apartment buildings. They were decorated with pine garlands and wreaths with big red bows. It felt like we were in a movie. Then came the crowd on the Magnificent Mile and it felt less like a movie. But we kept walking all the way to Millennium Park where the famous "Bean" is.
And then we walked back, deciding to opt out of the parade drama (and instead seeing the lineup on a back street with fewer people). The city at night is equally memorizing.

And after all the walking we were really hungry. So we ate at Hash House a Go Go (a favorite from visiting family back in Las Vegas).

So I think this was the first of many trips to The Windy City. (Next time we want to take the train!) Please note again that it is only 1.45 hours from our place in Milwaukee. We all know Chicago is way more popular place to visit, so if you are going there, CALL US and we will come see you! (because we miss our family and friends!)

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