Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Coat

August 10th, 2012

Last Friday was Steve's White Coat Ceremony. It was a little like college graduation, with a few speeches and names read off. Faculty actually slid the coat onto each student (like when a guy gets his suit tailored) That alone makes it way better than graduation. Those addressing the future doctors (and their families) were very accomplished physicians. I don't know how Steve felt, but I was a little intimidated... but still excited. I can't believe he's going to be rubbing shoulders and learning from such amazing people!

One speaker, this petite little lady, with a powerhouse voice and laundry list of credentials, spoke about empathy. She guessed that all of the students had written in their personal statements (a requirement in med school applications) that they wanted to be doctors so they could help people. She urged the students that as they go through school and eventually become practicing doctors that they wouldn't forget that empathy; that their jobs wouldn't become mundane and routine. She told them to truly listen to each patient and take time to understand exactly what he or she needed. This was the way to sincerely enjoy being a doctor.

Her speech reminded me of why I fell in love with Steve in the first place. He has a gift to love people no matter what and really does want to help. He deserves some bragging rights (I'll do it for him, because he's too modest to do it himself). Being a physician takes some serious hard work dedicating hours on end to study and practice. Steve's the only person I know that can balance all obligations with little effort - another gift. He's a fast learner (it's like he memorizes anything he reads!), charismatic, organized and forever patient. What more could you ask for in a doctor? To top it all off, he looks like one in that coat!

As you can tell, I'm extremely proud of this guy and I look forward to his next 4 years here at MCW.

(P.S. Sorry the pictures are so awful. The lighting in the Marcus Center was too much for my iphone.)

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