Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. I guess it's not the most popular vacation spot for the average gal but if you are into mountain biking it is THE place. Why? Because it's got the best mountain bike park in the world. And we rode it! My brothers Blake and Tyler killed it along with Steve and my Dad. I, on the other hand, struggled a bit. First run of the day (one of the first runs of my life actually) I was all confidence and smiles until the boys took me on a trail and I crashed big time- twice. Yep. And I'm telling you that crashing X2 on a run that sponsored riders use as a warm up is pretty darn embarrassing. So, red faced and fighting tears (thank you full face helmet), I got back on my bike and... never went on another trail recommended by the bros again. After that I had a great time!
That was my one day on the mountain. The boys went a couple more days. One was rainy. The pictures say it all.

The non-bike days were dedicated to hiking, kayaking and climbing. The scenery was remarkable.

Saw some bears. Touched some snow. Played Nerts. Sat in the hot tub. Laid in the sauna. Ate the best salmon burger of my life. Watched some sweet bike tricks (complements of my brothers and husband)

And we saw this guy...

Darren Berrecloth everyone. One of those pros that's more of a celebrity than LeBron James or Rihanna in this family. The boys were stoked.

So that was Whistler. Does this make you want to change your future travel plans to somewhere less beach and more pine tree?

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