Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures with Nicole

Every Tuesday (or Thursday occasionally) I've been spending a little time with the coolest chica in town. Her name's Nicole and she's one of my best friends. We met in the Houston, Texas airport back in February 2008 (I'm pretty sure that's the year). Both of us were heading to Ecuador to serve in orphanages for the Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO for short). For 3 months we worked with those sweet children and had some crazy adventures (some of these involving parasites, snakes in the rainforest, curses and dried mangos, etc.). We became great friends.

                                                           (Nicole, Kristen, Me in Ecuador)

And since Nicole is such a cool person, I couldn't bare being adventure-less and alone, so back in America we were roommates (such a love/hate relationship with that yellow house). When I graduated we just stayed in touch and now here we are, hanging out on Tuesdays having a blast. We've hiked Rock Canyon a couple times, ran, and celebrated with Cafe Rio for her birthday. Basically we just chat about life, our ideas and dreams, the past and the future.

But our adventures are about to come to a close for a season because N is moving. I guess I'm moving too in a bit, I'm just mad that the end of our Tuesday adventures is here so quick (I secretly hope that she has to move back to finish the research she's been working on!). But if such a wish doesn't happen, I know it'll be fine because we'll always be friends and we'll always have our adventures.

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  1. Good news...I'm coming back. This is such a sweet post! Thank you! I'm really glad we met in that airport. <3